My own ecloud on a raspberry?

Hi is it possible to have my own ecloud on a raspberry at home?

Found it ecloud-selfhosting

Is there an easy Explanation to set it up on a raspberry pi at home with dynamic dns and only 50 mbit upload?
Greats mima

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I doubt it’s currently working on a Raspberry Pi as the linked documentation clearly states

  • 2 core CPU (x86/x86-64 only, ARM not supported yet)

So for using a RPi I’d currently recommend to install Nexcloud on it.


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Which Home Server would be possible? Ist is more than nextcloud.

Do you want an /e/ Cloud or a simple Nextcloud ?

It’s doubtful that a /e/ Cloud will work @home : residential IP addresses (and furthermore dynamic DNS) are unlikely to work for emails.
That’s why it isn’t documented.

You can find decent DNS & Docker-compatible VPS hosting for the price of a good beer, monthly.
For example @Hetzner :

  • CX21 with backup option : 4.90€ + 0.98€ = 5.88€ monthly (excl. VAT)
  • .eu DNS domain : 11.90€ annually (~0.99€ monthly) (excl. VAT)
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Edit, this is off-topic, but … I have a regular LAMP setup on a first edition Rpi. It runs ok, reassuringly slowly. It is possible that Nextcloud would be too big for my 512M!

Dated, but a child can follow it! Ultimate Raspberry Pi Home Server : 30 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables Use other updated resouces in your research! :slight_smile:

Found a tutorial on how to build a RasPi 4 home server on “” , Issue 108. I guess it’s open access, but you can donate or pay for that magazine.

I want to go with this build as soon the RasPi 4 8gb is back in stores, it’s completely out of stock.

Would be nice, if ARM devices could get some love from /e/.

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