My own ring tone - but ignored


I’m trying to set up a custom ring tone for the regular /e/ phone app. It’s an MP3 file on the SD card (but moving the file to internal storage does not change the behavior).

I can select the MP3 in the phone settings, but wasn’t used when ringing. After some trials, I noted that whenever I returned from the phone app’s settings screens, my selection was reset. It is kept as long as I navigate inside the settings (display, sounds, answers, etc.) - when I go to sounds, I still see my selection. As soon as I leave the settings area completely, and immediately navigate back into the settings>sounds, the ring tone is reset.

It’s a new Teracube 2e (for my mom :frowning: using Android 11, build e_emerald_userdebug 11 RQ3A.211001.001.

Can this be a bug? If so, where do I report it?

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there was a bug for the t2e that overrode a set ringtone… fixed 11 month ago … T2e: wrong ringtone (#3259) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab … maybe the Android R build doesn’t use the configs/properties/ in the Q branch?

Thanks for the information. I’ve updated the phone today, and the feature works now.

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