My photos still take all of the space after I deleted them. What can I do?

Can anyone please help me? To me (in the Gallery-app) it looks like my photos were all deleted, after I deleted them inside the app, but from my device’s space is almost nothing left… due to: photos. By now 99% of my smartphone’s space are used (and it already have been 100%, which really brought me into trouble). In the Screenshot you can see that the photos I have in my gallery hardly take any space anymore… so WHERE can I find the 34,68 GB of photos I expected to have deleted – and still need to delete?

Did anyone have the same or similiar problems in the past? – I would be very grateful for an advice, some help from the community… hoping to find a solution soon.

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In my eyes, the standard way to free up space would be to go through the app FILES. Photos are normally found in the DCIM folder, that’s where I would select and delete dispensable photos.

Thanks for your help. I already looked up the folder, there I only found the photos I see in the app as well. So, I don’t know actually, where I could further search… there are apparently 32,76 GB of photos which don’t match the ones accessible in the “Gallery”-app or in that “DCIM”-folder. Anyone, any idea?


Can you show ‘trash’ folder, in Gallery ?

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One more idea, although I know it from a different phone (Fairphone). Try this:

Settings > Apps & Notifications > App info > Show System > Media Storage > Storage & cache > Clear Storage / Clear Cache

Don’t worry, this will not delete the actual media, but some kind of “table of contents”. Afterwards, it will gradually build up anew. My thinking behind this is that your phone simply shows you an erroneous number for your storage use and you need to “reset” this.

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Hey urs_lesse, thank you for your help. I already cleared the cage (which hardly frees any space) and will do it with the storage as well (although I will nevertheless save my photos elsewhere before). The problem still remains that all the / most of the GBs which fill up my phone don’t appear in the photo-app (see screenshot). So I’m still wandering the struggle… don’t know (and there appears not to be a trash-album in my app as well).

Are you running nextcloud to back up photos? looking at mine it seems the storage of most of my photos is under my nextcloud app? not the gallery.

I also found you have to delete them from both places for them to be gone.

I find the App DiskUsage useful to give a different perspective. It is quite old and unmaintained but it may give some graphical clues to what is going on.

What is the result of

Settings > Storage > Free up space ?

Have you installed (and perhaps forgotten about) some other app which does contain a recycle / trash feature ?