My views, opinions & suggestions on /e/

Pragmatic views

I use /e/ OS as my only mobile OS & for me Its easy to get started with /e/ OS for someone who is able to install a custom ROM but for most people its still out of reach because they choose convenience over anything else & not everyone can give up convenience, only a few can & are willing to.

Idealistic views

I hope there can be a software to easily install /e/ OS on a variety of devices, it comes preinstalled on devices new & refurbished & the mailing a phone to somewhere & getting it back with /e/ installed is easy, fast & affordable. Both preinstalled devices & the /e/ installation service are available in more & more places.

Pragmatic opinions

In my opinion /e/ will be as successful as Linux has been on the desktop but I want to be proved wrong. Considering that phones come preinstalled with an app/apps to communicate I believe that /e/ OS should have an app/apps that has messages & voice & video calling.

Idealistic opinions

Ideally /e/ OS should be adopted enough that it becomes the mobile OS to get if given the option between other Android based mobile OS & iOS. There are /e/ OS exclusive apps (the apps being Free can be had in other mobile OS) that are good enough for people to get /e/ OS.

Pragmatic suggestions

The icon for weather app should have better cloud as currently the cloud looks as if it has been cut by the Sun. The icon for Frost icon pack isn’t visible because the icon itself is white in color & Bliss icon pack adds a white box on top of the already white Frost icon pack icon. Getting voice to text working, I want the feature where I can just speak & my words get typed automatically. Making videos & putting them where most people can see which is YouTube. Talking about privacy again & again, as awareness isn’t where it should be ideally there is a need for talking about privacy every time using every chance to talk about privacy.

Idealistic suggestions

Using a browser not based on Chromium. Showing where the apps are coming from in the Apps like if it comes from F-droid & giving preference to apps coming from F-droid if the app is available in both F-droid & Play Store. Adding the feature where one can add additional F-droid repository. Making /e/ apps like weather available on F-droid. Getting Matrix in /e/ OS. Making /e/ OS design guidelines & making all /e/ apps follow those guidelines while giving preference to apps that follow these guidelines in the Apps. The Apps has a recommended/editor’s choice apps section. During setup of /e/ OS it gives options to install certain apps or there are a few versions of /e/ OS which include certain apps or don’t.


/e/ OS is evolving but it’ll be good enough to use by more people than before.