My wish list for /e/

A Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine that is actually understandable.


Bla bla bla… No, root ability to uninstall system apps is nowhere near anything “default”.
You are talking about a solution that implies geeky stuff like root, adb and magisk, come on, I thought /e/ was aiming for non technical people

  • More apps in the app store
  • More fluid activity switch. Something in the current launcher (or somewhere else?) slows the system down. I can feel the difference between the Fairphone OS vs. /e/ on my Fairphone 3+.
  • Update of the Notes app
  • More regular updates of the system apps from their upstream.
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Thanks for acknowledging the freedom you want to have is actually already there, you just don’t like the currently possible way to use it. (No root and Magisk required for this, by the way.)
I’m all for uninstalling system Apps to become more simple, too.

I’m pretty certain not everybody who uninstalled a system App would identify themselves as technical people. Empowering needs people who want to be empowered :wink: .


Hi @ralxx!

@pmoody’s installation instructions for Ivona-TTS here are absolutely excellent and the app is strongly recommended if you haven’t tried it already.

I just wish this info wasn’t buried 14 replies deep- it deserves wider promotion on the forum IMO.

Good luck!

  1. Separate projects for the core OS and the UI changes. e-core and e-UI. Users choose at install time whether to use e-UI or the default Lineage OS UI
  2. No forked apps in e-core unless needed for privacy
  3. Use existing app stores (F-Droid, Aurora Store) in e-core
  4. New and forked apps and UI changes go in e-UI, can be installed, updated and maintained from e-core (e.g using F-Droid)

Thanks @mcmd, I had read that post back then when it was published. And tried it. Really great. But I wish such a solution (or another one) for /e/ out of the box - for all those who are not tweakers but ‘just’ users.

Understood @ralxx. :+1:

While I’m not completely certain, I believe that version of the Ivona engine is freeware. If correct, I know that’s not true FOSS per se, but as I understand it, neither is Magic Earth and the /e/OS “bundles” it. Might be worth pursuing whether or not the engine could come pre-installed in addition to e-Speak: that would make life simpler for users for sure. Just a thought.

it is not against you, but please stop consider “Aurora” as a store,
it is a alternative to the “Gogol play” store because it is an “usurpator” client (coud work anonymly, without personal gogol account)
that’s why “ungogoled android OS” need a “redistributed apps” store (where some “end users” share their apps) if they want to use “gogol distributed apps”,
in case of cleanapk, we don’t know them, but we trust them.


It’s where I get my apps that aren’t in F-Droid. It’s as much a ‘store’ (in the sense of a store where you go to get stuff) as Apps or F-Droid or Play Store. I could use the phrase ‘app installation and update app’, but ‘store’ is shorter :wink:


I totally agree with that : having read tons of post complaining about app Y, stating that app X is “better”, asking where to find app Z or remove e-apps , I think that e-core with store apps is a very good idea.

Nevertheless, I enjoy stock /e/ apps, they fit my needs. But I understand that the actual monolithic model may not be suitable for everyone.

BTW “Aurora Store” is the name of the app, so one is quite right to call it … a “store” :wink:

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Do you want to raise the feature request or shall I? :wink:


You came first with the idea, so be my guest ! :wink:

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I trust also everybody i don’t know… :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

You are right, i had better said : we don’t know THEIR NAMES / IDENTITY, but of course, we know them and trust our friends.
Remember the " Penguin Liberation Front ” repo for linux .RPM, or some of the “anonymous” hacktions.
In case of cleanapk, it is curated by a small closed group of person who guarantee the integrity of apk, not everyone like “aptoid” store.

I actually don’t use Apps because i found the Aurora more comfortable, but politicaly, i prefer the “hook-sharer” Apps than the “lier-stoler” Aurora

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e-Apps is a good idea but unfortunately doesn’t work fine most of time. With unofficial first and now GSI, I made a lot of clean install and each time encountered issues, without using backup.

I think (but may be wrong) maintaining such a store fully and daily up to date is a bigger amount of work than the e-staff can really do, working hard with OS and devices’ support.

Now, I first ‘uninstall’ e-apps, then use F-Droid for a few nomber of added apps and Aurora front-end just in Shelter (two apps only). But I’m a ‘Light is right, less is best’ boy :wink:


OK, if you deinstall all /e/ Apps and uses alternatives Apps, whats the different to Lineage-for microG
Why using /e/? Whats then the added value?

then immediately lineage for microg with a nextcloud instance

:smiley: no, no, I uninstall the e-appstore, not all e-apps…

I’m enjoying trying this out this morning. Indeed it works like a charm and is super easy uninstalling and reinstalling. :grinning:

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If you root your device with magisk, you can also use the de-bloater from F-Droid.