My wish list for /e/

Simple: LineageOS don’t degoogle. It’s not their priority and not why they exist.–ungoogling

LineageOS might not have Google Apps and services by default (they couldn’t preinstall them legally anyway even if they wanted), but there’s other stuff connected to Google built into AOSP which LineageOS leave alone, and which /e/ throw out.


Android 12 for my S9 OTA, shortly.

I said lineage for microg, not Lineage.
Thats a different

Not in the sense of degoogling. It’s still LineageOS (the name’s a hint).

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  • Faster bug fixing (the mentioned timer bug since 3 updates for FP3 is really annoying, also the non-working exposure notifikation since the last update).
  • OTA upgrades like from Pie to Q without new installation (see also next point).
  • Possibility to save and/or transfer all the data with locked bootloader in order to don’t lose the data with a new installation or when the phone is lost.
  • I really like the e-core idea to update system apps like tasks to their current version (or deinstall them).
  • Working app-Store (availibility of apps, regular updates of apps, I dont know if the Auto-updates works now (No auto-update of apps from app-store),…)
  • Remark that e.g. lawnchair can replace Bliss for thos that prefer Android over iOS.
  • Searchable name.

I do the same - my custom builds do not include Apps.

I use /e/ because I support many of their aims - for a privacy friendly OS, to extend the life of older modules - and because there is a more active community (here, in Telegram, in gitlab) to co-operate with. I don’t support their aims of producing a “better” UI, because I am quite happy with the traditional Android UI.

I generally disagree with their policy of forking apps to make them fit with the /e/ UI and theming. If the aim of the fork is to de-google, then make the changes and submit them upstream.

The added value for me over Lineage4Microg is the built-in integration with my e-cloud NextCloud account, and the community mentioned above.

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If I don’t know who they are, I don’t know they are my friends.


That’s one way you can go.
Basically, I’m right there with you.
It’s also not that I run /e/ into the ground. On the contrary. I support the approach, both mentally and monetarily.
I also find the community very good.
Just because I don’t use /e/ (I can’t because I use a Pixel 5) doesn’t mean I think /e/ is good.
One is just free in his decision…

Hello. You can try with e-GSI, Pixel 5 is treble-compatible…

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After an SD card is inserted into the phone for the first time, the option to set it up as external/portable storage should be the first option offered, not the second. (I am aware the internal/phone storage option was removed recently, but as far as I know, this was only meant to be temporary.)

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But just Pie, nothing newer?!

e-q-GSI (20210828)

Runs smoothly as daily in my Samsung A3 2017 (a3y17lte).

Personally, I would like /e/ os to stop “spreading itself thin”. It’s complicated to have to deal with the user interface, the operating system, not to neglect security, etc.
I think one way to do this would be to take a cooperative approach and build close relationships with like-minded specialist companies, right?
For example, a company like ESET (Slovakia) could take care of the system security, the application store, etc.
For the user interface, has anyone ever been to see what Blloc is doing? ( I like the minimalism.
If eventually a cooperative is created, it would be ideal if users could take shares to help the project grow.

Translated with

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Welcome @Corentin! If you like Ratio, you might find Discreet Launcher interesting- Highly recommended for those that like a minimalist “distraction-free” launcher/home screen. Energy efficient as well.


My wish list:
Second space (like MIUI)
Conformation before calling in Dialer
In built tracker control
in built cut off setting for battery charge.
Schedule phone shut down and Start.
Verified Boot
Re locking of Boot Loader
Built in VPN
No App Store
Uninstall pre installed apps
In built Anti Virus apk
Good Launcher

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minimal eOS version
without additional apps


My wish list:

Phone adjustable shut down

/e/-Launcher with many custom various settings

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My wish list for /e/ OS :

  • As stable/fast/bug-free as possible.
  • Banking apps that work and can be downloaded from /e/ Apps.
  • More settings for BLISS-launcher (remove widgets)
  • The possibility to see in /e/ Apps which apps are installed.

My wish list for /e/ Services :

  • No wishes here as I do not use them.

My wish list for /e/ Foundation :

  • More collaborations like FairTEC

This Blloc seems to be interesting but has 5 trackers. Not the first time that good ideas are destroyed by such hidden crap.


Week 50 is the proposed release date for /e/OS R on the P5. I have one as well. Running Calyx on it at the moment, but will be dropping e onto it when it arrives!