myT from toyota not working

Might it be possible that some apps are not working on e/OS?
This myT App from Toyota stops at 95% on set up.

It says 95% - “loading maps provider” and loading for hours…
Reinstalled, cleared cache… Restarted… Nothing works…
Can anybody please help?
Thank you…

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If you are using Advanced Privacy for blocking trackers (or a third party app like Tracker Control, Blokada etc.), you may want to check if any of the blocked connections might need to be allowed for the app to function.

Thank you nanabanaman… everything that can block or fake something is turned off and yesterday later the day it all of a sudden had a green check-mark to say that everything is alright but then it crashes… always… I wrote Toyota but no answer yet… college (on Iphone) had no issue to log in with my credentials.

If you get an actual app crash, there is an open source app called Scoop (available from f-droid or directly via App Lounge on /e/) that allows you to capture and view crash reports on your system.

Whenever an app crashes, a crash report with a stack trace shows up inside the Scoop app. Sometimes that report is enough to get an idea which part of the system the problem is related to (for example, location provider, network, …). You can also send a copy of that report on to the developers and it will be very useful for them in tracking down the problem.

However, before Scoop can access crash information, you need to give the app additional permissions via adb shell from a computer with simple a one-line terminal command. The details are explained on the Scoop wiki.

I had to do a reboot of the phone for it to start capturing crash reports.

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