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I hope to buy a Teracube 2e from the eSolutions store, but am concerned they may sell out again before I can get one. If I am able to get one from and install the /e/ rom myself, would that have a negative side?

Both stores offer 4 year warranty, and I would kick some money to the /e/ project either way.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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I got a Murena Teracube 2e in one of the small time windows when they were available, here is my 2 cents based on my experience:

Pros: /e/ is already installed, bootloader is already unlocked, it was relatively easy to root with Majisk out of the box (if you want to do that). Overall, very little work. Another thing is that even though they try to minimize it, the stock OS that comes on the 2e from Teracube has some bloatware that they’re still trying to remove systematically.

Cons: The first phone that /e/ sent me wouldn’t charge, and the replacement took nearly a month. I had to go through /e/ for the replacement, and I’m sure that added some days to the process. Another thing is that the Murena phones come with a recovery program made by /e/, which is very basic and doesn’t have a backup feature like TWRP, which is the recovery program you would use to install it yourself.

Either way, I think you’ll be OK – I really like using the phone.

Thanks for the helpful comments @ecs

I just received a new 2e directly from Teracube, but apparently it will have to sit on the shelf until a new ROM is ready for this new batch of phones. I look forward to it.

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