N26 app not installed

Hello, I’ve just flashed /e/ latest version (e-0.19-n-20211023142427-dev-i9300.zip - no Magisk, no root) on my Samsung S3 GT-i9300, and installed Aurora, then tried to install N26 app. Aurora downloaded that app but did no more. The ‘allow to install from unknown sources’ option is showed up if you move around open apps, and even after the option is granted nothing happens, install doesn’t begin. Tried more than once.
The Aurora download section shows up 3 different N26 apk files completely downloaded. Pressing install again gives no result.

N26 is in the list of the working bank apps, so it should work.

Previously, on the same phone with e-0.17 installed (e-0.17-n-20210601117698-dev-i9300), the N26 app did install and seemd to work well, yet something was wrong with the camera function during the registration-identification process, since I could apparently shoot picture of the required document, but after shooting the camera was like freezing, while the app itself was still working, since I could go back with the app’s back arrow. Even if the shot was done - I can’t know - it didn’t seemed transmitted to their server - the app wouldn’t go ahead and stay on camera function - infact I could shoot again. Tried several times and with different installs but each time was the same.

Now the app didn’t set up at all. Some people reccommend to have the cloud messaging component of microG active. I can see microG service core is installed, but what about that component? Could you please give me some suggestion?

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