N26 banking app - notification / confirmations do not work

Hej! Hope I found the right category for this issue I’ve encountered.

The N26 App works as expected up to the point I’m making a transfer - then, the notifications not popping up keep me from confirming it.

I believe this to be an issue with microG, could there be an easy fix to this?

device: Fairphone 3

Seems like the App did not register for the “cloud messaging” which was triggered after a while either randomly or by creating an account inside the microg settings without signing into it after.

I only can say, a lot of banking apps doesn’t work well under eOS. My DKB banking apps are getting push messages without register for cloud messaging.

Any update on this? I just impulsively bought a Samsung S9 on amazon.de because there was a good deal on prime day. I have been interested in /e/ for a while but never got around to using it because my old phone wasn’t supported and I had a feeling my bank (N26) wouldn’t be happy. Maybe I should change banks, but I’m too lazy.

Yep i had this problem too.
Ill quit N26 for that reason. Maybe ill try if Revolut is better in that sense.
Dkb seems to work always even with root. (Idk about the TAN App cause i use a seperate generator)

I’d give it a go, for sure. It works now, at least for me. Not sure what causes the issue, reinstalling the app now just leads to no issues for me anymore.

I can only recommend having the cloud messaging component of microG active and perhaps some burner account logged in before installing the app.

Honestly I would have done the same, if the R. app didn’t look like giving me the exact same headaches. Banks just suck.
Rooting seems to be no issue here, fortunately.