Name a phone model which allows bootloader relock after E (murena) installation

I want to buy a Phone where it is possible to Relock boot loader after installing the E OS.
Please show me a way,


If the install instructions via command line for a device lock the bootloader at the end, you can lock it.

Additional note for Teracube 2e …


theres a ticket to add it to the device list filters

I guess it will be mostly the calyx device list


Calyxos list includes Fairphone 4 and OnePlus 8T, etc but I dont find any installation file for those model. Can you please check it out.

The CalyxOS support date is listed as “TBD” (= to be decided / to be determined).
According to the news, builds for those phones are in testing, with some trouble on the 8T, you might want to read there to get details … CalyxOS News

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Thanks dear for the information.