Name mistake in Update?

I installed /e/OS0.9-p-20200708 -test-mido. Today while checking update from the os (system > Updater) i found update but it shows nouget version instead of Pie version.

The name of updater is /e/OS0.9-n-20200720-test-mido

So should i update it? Wont it brick my phone ? or is it naming mistake?!


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No it’s OK. You are using and unofficial pie version. The official version is nougat. You will get informed about updates only for official builds. So you better ignore all the nougat builds, otherwise you will get trouble, because mido isn’t downgrade able as I have heart

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it is very well downgradeable :slight_smile:

OK, I remember that Manoj has often written that it isn’t. But if you say, cool

Xiaomi stopped the updates at Nougat, so no worries :slight_smile:

Is test version Unofficial ? Because there is not “Unofficial” word in its name.
And if it is this nouget version is official then why there is no word official and why there is “test” written in its name. It confuses me. (/e/OS0.9- n -20200720-test-mido)

I visited the download page of /e/. (official) but there is only "" version available. And version in question is having latest update of 20th July. ?? !!
So where is the version that i get through /e/ Os > System > Advance > Updater ??

it shows the same for me, i will try to install it and report back to you :slight_smile:

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I think there are :

  • Nougat dev versions (the official ones everyone can download)
  • Nougat test versions (before each update test builds are made toward the testing team, that’s the one the Updater is suggesting you)
  • Pie test versions (du to the more recent plan to upgrade devices)

If you are on pie, only update with a test pie version.

And there is no difference between a test and an unofficial build. Test means it has been built on the /e/ build infrastructure.

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it definitely is a nougat version … so no mistake in the naming but still weird to get it suggested …

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