Nationwide Banking App

The Nationwide Banking App was running before update to eOS 1.8

Is this problem due to MicroG and can it be resolved?

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I have also found that the nationwide banking app has ceased to work on Fairphone 4 after the upgrade to eOS 1.8. It gets as far as “loading” and then nothing happens.

Just to confirm that I am experiencing exactly the same problem with the 1.8 upgrade - using a One+6T. It is a bit frustrating as on any transaction Nationwide send you to the mobile app for approval.

This is the problem, all online transactions now default to app approval. Can’t spend money online until this is fixed.

Not strictly true: payments can be authenticated using either a card reader, or by a one-time passcode sent by

Bit frustrating but hopefully they’ll fix it soon. One thing that would be useful is just to have an app that I can check the balance without the 2 factor verification browser login. Anyone know an app like that where you can view accounts? I guess any third party app like that is gonna want to use your data for something or other though…

The update to 1.8 has stuffed this app for me too. What do we wait for, an update from Nationwide or from murena? Is this on anyone’s radar?

It’s definitely an /e/OS problem: the app continent tp work fine in Iode and LOS

The 1.9 update looks like it’s fixed it - huzzah!


Great. When will 1.9 be available?

As of yesterday - well it was for me!

Yes, 1.9 enables the Nationwide banking app. Works just fine.

Downloaded 1.9 and working for me. Thanks for quick turnaround, was expecting this to take longer.