Navigating my Account and deleting notifications

I have a difficult time navigating around here. Most times when a Topic is created it is in the incorrect forum and is moved. No problem with that but for me the website is very unorthodox the way it’s set up.

On the upper right hand corner is the circle with the first letter of the account owner or holder. Clicking on that shows dozens of notifications sent to me. I expanded that and clicked on notifications and I studied the site for 20 minutes and could not find a way to start deleting those notifications some going back over a year. There is one unhighlighted icon “dismiss all” but no idea what that is.

How do I delete one by one the notifications?

I am sure this is posted in the wrong forum.

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are you browsing on mobile or bigger screen?

the “dismiss all” should indeed un-highlight any colored notification entry - though the list won’t “empty” - just the background coloring will vanish. Is that what irritates you?

If you feel bothered by the notifications, you can quiet them down or disable altogether in your user preferences.

Hello tcecyk

I am seeing the notifications on the bigger screen. When I open my all the notifications from months ago. I did locate the area for deletion. Thanks.

ah I totally misread, you were writing about the nextcloud web frontend, thought it’s about this “forum account” sorry

I thought it was about the forum notifications also.

On a related note: Awhile back when using the Nextcloud desktop, the sync window would show old service notifications. I had wondered how to get rid of those. Rarely visit the account via the web so didn’t think of going there at first.
Later I noticed in the mobile app the Notifications section. From there I was able to delete all the old messages.
That cleaned up the sync window in the desktop program.

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