Need a decent camera app. for video

The phone is a Galaxy S8 which I understand has OIS in the lens and the capability to use EIS with the right app. Unless I have missed something, the installed camera app. does not activate stabilisation for video, although it does have log settings which helps match footage to my “real” camera. What I want is an app. that does both. I have tried many and so far haven’t found one. The only one that looks promising is Filmic Pro and the evaluator says all is OK, but upon installing and attempting to launch it all I get is a red screeh with the Filmic logo on it (after some Russian ad!).

I can manage log with installed camera, but no stabilisation and stabilisation with Manual Camera DSLR Pro, but no log.
Three questions if I may:

  1. Is it possible to get “Camera” to use stabilisation?
  2. Any ideas how I can get Filmic Pro to open?
  3. Can you suggest any app. that fulfills my requirement?


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