Need for disabling tracking services?

Trackers have become a real worry for several people, especially with this crisis. So some are working on scripts which disable trackers. I think that is an interesting way, because I don’t want to abstain from some apps which use trackers — but the trackers are annoying.
Are here any competent people who can give any advice on that? If that is a good script, can it be added to /e/?

Here are the links to the scripts (on xda):

I don’t like these scripts, because after running them, you will get in trouble with some apps which won’t work without the trackers. I do have a banking app. If I block the include tracker, the app want start anymore (fu…cking banking apps).

From my side of view it’s better using a tracker blocker like TrackerControl, Netguard, Blokada (I don’t like) or AWF+ (I don’t like)

What about VPN service? Does it provide a solution by encrypting the internet signal, which is transferring between the apps? What kind of data the app provider receive when your data is encrypted though VPN?

The only thing the VPN does (in this context) is hide the IP address. Of course if the VPN has a feature to avoid trackers, it will also block trackers (but maybe not all).

Choose your weapon!:

AFWall+ completely cuts off the whole app from the network.
TrackerControll detects signatures of known third-party trackers and blocks only them, but not whole app.
AdAway filters out requests to the hosts the trackers call home to. Typical ad-blocker i.e.
Filtering DNS servers (AdGuard DNS and NextDNS e.g.)do the same job as AdAway, but outside your device.
XPrivacyLua misleads trackers and whole app with fake data. Pretty advanced tool.
ClassyShark3xodus scans your installed apps and .apk’s using Exodus Privacy database to discover all third-party trackers inside them.
MyAndroidTools can be used to manually remove third-party trackers from .apk’s. Actually, I never tried this one.



These parts of privacy looking configuration with dedicated apps may have goods ‘howto’ for noobs. Tracking business (and more… cf countries’ Agencies) is here for a long time so the more users will learn how to avoid tracking stream the best it’ll be…

Thanks for the list, @e.follower. And Blokada, does it stop trackers as well?

Yes, at least with а right block-lists. But it occupies the VPN slot, so I personally prefer AdAway.