Need help flashing please

I want to flash /e/ on a Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus LTE (YTX703L) but have some problems:
ADB and Fastboot work, Bootloader is already unlocked device not rooted.
After flashing a recovery when I unplug the device it doesnt shut of, it stays in fastboot mode. Only way to come around seems to be reboot from fastboot, but when I command (after flashing the recovery) fastboot reboot recovery it just reboots to OS.
Any ideas?

Other observation:
There is a lenovo recovery on the device which I can access, device manager doesnt recognize the deice in that though and I get no result from adb devices in recovery.
Any ideas gain?

I flashed some ROMS on Xperia phones and tablets successfully before, but i am quite an amateur still…

According to the LineageOS documentation for this device, you can boot to recovery by powering off the hold ingVolume Down + Power keys.

(It’s always worth looking at the LineageOS device documentation: it is correct more often then /e/'s documents)


You may also read the note at bottom of Fastboot Install Method :wink:

Hey guys, thanks for taking care!
@petefoth the key combo does work when the device is off, but not out of fastboot unfortunately.

@smu44 Thanks for the link! I am not using TWRP for this, so I didnt look that up. Hoep thats the solution in there and will report. Thanks!

The usual key combo to “hard” power off is to press and hold Volume key (in the middle, not up or down) and Power key: after ~10s or so device will vibrate once, keep holding the keys for another few seconds the device will vibrate three times then power off

The TWRP note was the solution, and what an easy one. Love it when solutions are like that. Thanks a lot!
Now lets see how the device is running on /e/…

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