Need help: sync (one way) e/OS contacts on Lineage

Hi there!

I need some help. I use an old phone for testing, running LineageOS Android 13. I urgently need to have access to my e/OS contact (list). Syncing one way is enough, my main phone running e/OS is used to primary enter and maintain my contacts.

On the LineageOS phone I only need to be able to see them. Anyone who can help me with a quick “manual” how to set that up? I’m not good at this kind of things.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Install DAVx5 (from F-droid)
Add a contact account in DAVx5 reaching your

DAVx⁵ (Synchronisation et Client CalDAV/CardDAV)


That was easy, Piero, and worked like a charm. Thank you for your help!

Sorry for the late answer… I’m not sure that I understood very well your requirement but when I transfer contacts between phones I save them (export as .vcf file) and then copy the file using bluetooth to the other phone and then import them.

@Cooler: I keep my contacts in Murena (e/OS). With DAVx5 I was able to sync them to my (regular) LineageOS device. That worked super easy and perfectly!

Ok, thanks for the clarification. I don’t keep my contacts online (on Murena). I guess that’s way you were saying about syncing (instead of copying contacts). Anyway glad that you sorted that out with the help from piero; he’s very good at helping people…

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