Need help with installation

So far I have gotten through the instructions that are given on the installation page (Install /e/ on a Teracube Teracube 2e - “2e”) right up until the “Installing /e/ from the bootloader” and then when I reach step 4 under that heading I get the following error for each of the commands: ____ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Please help me get past this so I can enjoy /e/!
Thank you in advance for any help.

Hi @teradelight welcome to the /e/ forum. There was a (linked here) Teracube Announcement, does this apply to your device?

No my device is a 2021 device.

Oh, good ! So you are working with Windows and running the series of fastboot commands ?

What is the output from

fastboot devices
./fastboot devices

… and are you aware you may need to be in the folder containing the fastboot commands usually platform-tools ?

Now I see step 3. reads

Move to the directory where you have extracted the files in the first step. To do that type the below command in a console cd path-of-the-extracted-files

Is this where the issue starts ? Just a guess !

Yes I am working with windows 10 and running the fastboot commands.
Yes I am aware that I need to be in the folder containing the fastboot commands platform-tools.

the output from fastboot devices is: 202011T2E002892 device

The issue starts after I have done step 3 and moved to the directory where I have have extracted the files. After I go to that location and type in the commands I get: ____ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I am wondering if the issue could be because I am using the most recent file from: /e/ image ROM download which is 0.22?

… because you left the platform-tools folder !

So, in a way, you have a conflict if you first extracted platform-tools to platform-tools
and then at Step 1

  1. Download the build package linked in the Downloads section above and extract it to a folder of your choice…

and it is different.

The fix is to extract both things to the same folder !

Please try create a folder teracube; extract platform-tools to teracube; extract “the build package” (that is both parts, matching /e/ Recovery and /e/OS build ) to teracube.

Now cd to teracube and all the pieces will be in the same path.

That makes sense.
Does that mean I need to delete the folders that I extracted the platform-tools and the build package to? And reextract them to a new folder. Or could I just drag and drop the build package folder into the platform-tools folder?

Drag and drop will work if you are confident that you will miss nothing. The finished platform-tools folder which you drag and drop to, will look a mess, but all can be deleted when you are finished.

I am still running into the same error: C:\Teracube>fastboot -w
‘fastboot’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I wonder if I need to extract the build package into platform-tools? And not into the newly made Teracube folder.

I wonder if I extract the build package into platform tools so that I type cd platform-tools before typing in the rest of the commands if that will fix the problem.

All the build package folder components would have to be moved into platfom-tools for your suggestion to work.

(Then you would not have had to create my suggested teracube folder ! )

The way I expressed it first is more clear I think, but it is just a dirty trick to get every file, both commands and source files on one level, in one folder.

Edit it is fairly important with this device that the sequence of commands is executed in one go without risk of restarting the device in the middle.

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Aha! It is starting to work! Wow they need to make that clear in the instructions.

Good :smile: don’t let my Late Edit put you off!

Thank you for the help. I’m glad it was a simple fix. I now have /e/os on my phone! Yay.

One last question. Does my phone need to stay unlocked?

Great ! and Yes, please do not attempt to lock it !

If you need to know why you could search the forum here, I could not find the concise explanation in a quick search, but /e/ is not designed for bootloader locking.