Need help with setting up open camera to save to eCloud

Hi - I’m a bit confused. I have open camera installed and currently it is saving files to the internal memory. (I also have an SD card installed but that’s not being used for photos). However I’d now like the camera to save photos to NextCloud. There is a folder in NextCloud called ‘Photos’ and underneath that is a folder called OpenCamera; but in that folder is only a tiny fraction of the photos I have taken on the phone (about 30 images). Using the Ghost Commander app I have found all of the photos and vids in /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/OpenCamera. Can someone explain how I can move everything to NextCloud and get all future photos and vids to save there please? The reason for doing this is that I’m soon going to be making the move from an Apple Mac to Linux for my desktop. Hope that all makes sense! Thanks

Ok, I think I’m beginning to understand. the /storage/emulated/0 path is where all user files are stored, right? And I’m guessing that photos are stored in that path under /DCIM by default. However I also have a folder /storage/emulated/0/Pictures which also has some photos in it, in sub-folders. I’m guessing that this was something I created in the early days - I can’t honestly remember.

You have to use the nextxloud app and the direct Upload Feature in there

Hello @Rhod
perhaps into Settings - Accounts - select your - next screen, select account sync .


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open camera use another folder

Many thanks - that should have worked, except that I’m getting a message that ‘sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly’. Not sure if this is a remote or local problem…

I have the same problem. The camera is placing the pictures in a folder that is not the folders that are set to sync. How do I change that? I have a fairphone 5 with pree installed /e/.

Saving pictures to eCloud (nextcloud) is an Upload service, not a Syncronization service.

You need to open Nextcloud app, then select your eCloud account (or any other); then open Settings (left side panel); then “automatic upload” (or something similar, my phone is not in english) and there you can choose what folders will automatically UPLOAD pictures. You can configure each folder at a time, so some folders can keep pictures in the current folder or move them to nextcloud folders (or delete it locally AFTER upload).

I use OpenCamera too without issues on this topic, saving some folders to one nextcloud account and other folders to a second account.

@Sigurd you should choose “move to application folder” when prompted

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Thanks, I got it working threw the nextcloud app.

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