Need Volunteer Testers for these 3 Samsung Exynos Devices

Here we go, then:

That could be amazing to have an official version of /e/ os for s8 and s8 plus i have an s8 plus device but since I dont have a second one to switch for beta testing will keep an eye in the progress an I will switch when it’s ready time to move one from google

The official /e/ Samsung S8 is now available for download here

Great news!
Where could I find the test-build for Samsung S8+ (dream2lte)?
I have volunteered for testing already and received access on Gitlab, but I could not find where to download the test-builds.

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You will get the test builds on the test channel itself.

There is only a plain list of devices, no links. Perhaps the test-build is not ready yet for testing.
Maybe it’s a matter of waiting…

Just a question: why maintainers don’t open device-related 3ads @ XDA ?
It could attract more users, testers and, why not, devs.

Hi, I have installed the /e/ os on my S8 and have come across a few issues. Where can I log these issues?

You can log issues here. Pl share all details and logs where possible.

Any update about the official support of s8+?

Pl can you check the list here.. the S8 is in our list for Q update

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Thank you for your fast reply. Why does s8+ is not present?

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Sad I have never flashed my device, I am hopeful to see the S8+ with an official release so I can try! (Maybe with Android 10😏)

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Hi all,
I’ve just installed LineageOS 17.1 unofficial on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SM-950F with TWRPIt works great. I have added MicroG but with this Firefox hang than I remove it. Bank & intermarche apps won’t run because libraries google-play are missing.
I use F-Droid & Aptoid
bes t regards

Dunno if can help, but BlissROM (wich is Lineage-based) has some official Android 10 builds:

Project Sakura (also based on LOS) seems to have official Q builds - for Note 8 - too:

Are greatlte testers still wanted ? Will suggest myself for those, especially since already having tested dreamlte & dream2lte roms when they went publicly too.

Thanks for volunteering. Let the team return from the vacations… as discussed here will share a plan to start the upgrade testing.

I would like to use my Note 8 with e/OS on it.
Any chance it will be released soon do you still need testers for it ?
I can test it on my Note 8 “greatlte” if you have a stable beta version.
Thank you for your work so far.

Will check and get back.