Netguard blocks LAN - but WLAN + Bluetooth tethering work

I have trouble with my Samsung S5e tablet using USB-LAN adapter.
netguard is activated
In setting network I get a message to disconnect Ethernet for changing network.
The “<->” symbol disappears, when I leave the dialog :thinking:

I deactivated hidden id in advanced privacy, because I fear a collision between the two firewalls (it worked on FP3)

Sometimes internet works with LAN-adapter, but is mostly blocked. When I deactivate netguard, access works. Netguard doesn’t show the block in protocol.
Tablet running with
I don’t have the problem with Fairphone 3 running

Any ideas?

I’ve asked the developer Marcel Bokhorst, got the answer that
wired connections are not supported - see github information
“NetGuard is not supported for internet connections via a wire, like ethernet or USB, because the Android VPN service often doesn’t work properly in this situation.”

“The reason is that I can’t test it and that it is broken too often.”

I’d like to make it work anyway, so I’d be happy for hints. So far I won’t use netguard on my tablet :slightly_frowning_face: