Netguard on /e/ dev 0.10 on Samsung S7

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triggered by the new version /e/ dev 0.10 I have been monitoring my internet traffic for a couple of days with Netguard. I can again report that I noticed no traffic to Google servers at all from the /e/ OS, which is very satisfying to me.

I am a very modest user of my smartphone. For more explanation and discussion see Netguard as a safety net around /e/. I would welcome a more structural permanent safety net around /e/ w.r.t. the state of un-googling.

I can share one new finding. I noticed again DNS calls to and I found out that Netguard is causing these. After filling in in Netguard the DNS of my internet provider the calls were gone. In /e/ the DNS is set to ‘follow the provider’.

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Mhm, on my builds with eOS sources, it’s set to use provider DNS and as fall back using

Provider DNS is indeed the default on my /e/ 0.10 dev S7. Using Netguard (local) VPN I presume Netguard is ‘the provider’ for /e/. Seeing the calls to and I presume Netguard has these as defaults, which can be overruled in de Netguard GUI. Unfortunately with Netguard I seem to be unable to see the DNS that /e/ is using when Netguard is not active…

I know /e/ only by the GUI. I did not know there was a fall back DNS programmed. I see in the GUI as the default for specifying another DNS than ‘follow the provider’.

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