Netguard totally blocks network

Hi there,
as soon as I switch on NetGuard, the network (wi-fi) is totally blocked, although I use blacklist mode (that means network is open by default). I can see that the apps try to access the network, all calls are indicated as green. As soon as I switch NetGuard off, the apps can access the network again. I made system apps visible, so there should not be any hidden blocked apps.
The phone is a fairphone 2, e.os version 2020-08-06, NetGuard 2.287
I have the same issue with TrackerControl.
Is this a known issue? Or does anybody know a solution?
Thanks in advance

Yes, it’s a known issue and the root cause is in LOS sources.

2 bad. Thanks anyway.

Please pardon the necro-bump of this thread, but NetGuard Pro is working for me on my Samsung S9 with the /e/OS build 0.13-2021012097133 build (Q). Just thought I’d pass that bit of info along.

Cool, I’ll give it a try if I have time. Even though the NetGuard user interface seems to be overcomplicated to me. I would prefer noroot firewall, but I have some concerns: Grey shirts noroot firewall: Trustful?

Still the same, all network traffic blocked.
e.os version 2021-01-26, NetGuard 2.291

This issue seems to be related to some phone models only: