Network Band 5, 12, 13 in Canada Pixel 5 (Fizz carrier, can receive signal on stock, not on /e/ os)


I was wondering if there was a way to make these bands working in Canada?

According to Cellular-z, I’ve been able to receive band 5, 12 and 13 (FDD, I don’t know what that means) from LTE network in stock rom. The signal is quite weak. I haven’t been able to receive any signals from e os. What can I do about it? I only need a little bit of signals to send and receive text messages.

I guess that this would be highly carrier dependent.

Would you like to share what carrier you used to access “LTE network in stock rom … The signal is quite weak.”

… and you are trying to use the same carrier with /e/OS ?

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It is the same carrier

I believe this is going to be a matter of setting up #apn settings absolutely correctly for Fizz.

1. The easiest thing is to ask the carrier to send the APN to your device.

2. Here is a link on the subject from Fizz

When I made an internet search of “Fizz + APN” I found a video presentation by Fizz, (I do not like to add links from google, but in case it helps

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It worked, one step not mentioned in Fizz that might be needed is to restart the device. It wasn’t working before I restart.

Thanks a lot!