New Calendar not showed in the Calendar App

Hi All

First of all:

Mobile: FP3
/e/ Ver: 1.6-20221129238947

I am having the following problem:

When adding a new calendar (I have already 2, see screenshot) I see the new calendar in the murena web page / Next Cloud, but it does not synch with my mobile:
For Example:

I created the calendar “Pikett” and “Test 2023” but they are not showed in the app “Calender” of my mobile.
If I create a new appointment in the older calender the info is synchronised without any problem.
Does anyone had had or have this issue?

Thanks for you help

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Did you try to manually sync the agenda in Settings/Account?

go to your murena or davx Account and in the Cal Section. Use the three dots in the right up corner and choose ‘import/show missing calenders’
Now the mobile shows the new calenders.


Yes I did. did not work

Hi confu.

Thanks for the tip. now the new calenders are shown.


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