New camera modules for Fairphone 3 +

I bought the Fairphone 3 . Now I upgrated the camera modules. However the operating system does not recognize the camera modules any longer.

Please advise availibility of your new Android 10 e/OS for my Fairphone 3 to make it work.

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Guess it will take some more weeks as the latest update for Android 9 was only released last week.
I’m also eager for this update, the new modules are laying in my drawer for almost a month now :slight_smile:

We expect to release the /e/ Q builds for the FP3 by next week earliest. At present the build is under testing.



you can find the beta of /e/OS on Android 10 for FP3 at the following link:

Yeah, me too. And I am about to lose my patience. If I had known that the FP3 had such a crab camera in the first place, i had never bought it.

In the meantime you can try to improve the picture quality for the old modules with a different app as the hardware is the same as on the Pixel 3(a), see

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Hi Ingo, is there any reliable Android 10 update available yet. I has been quite a while…

I don’t know (if you’re talking about /e/ updates; stock ROM has always run fine on my FP3).

With a heavy heart I did upgrade my FP3 with preinstalled /e/ manually from Android 9 to 10 using the easy-installer. This was not very transparent, especially it was not clear what the easy-installer really did. But after all Android 10 was on the device and did boot.

Then I changed the camera module and after a reboot the device did indeed recognize the new camera with its different parameters.

Since then I got one /e/ OTA update (0.14), so this does also still work.

Read here for my experiences with the new camera, post starting with “BTW:”

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Thx for your reply. Well, its ok i will find a way to make it work