New conditions Triodos (app)

The new conditions of Triodos are saying the app will probably not work on systems who does not fit their demands andere will not work on rooted devices…

Should it still work on my OnePlus8?

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Most probably not. Of you’d root your device you MIGHT be able to cloak things, but even that’s not a guarantee. It’s time people stand to banks like this and cancel their accounts, specifically telling the bank that they should not have the right to only let you work on/with Google services, and that there is freedom of choice. Only if enough customers do this things might change.

triodos has been coming up lately multiple times, so the few support requests at their end probably prompted that change in conditions to not be liable.

It’s just the ecosystem… google offers businesses useful APIs to safe on required effort (face detection) and business start to depend on it, without alternatives in their processes. This stuff (what Google is now packaging as MLkit) isn’t easy to rebuild opensource.

You can follow down this link to a github issue that has all the details, but the gist is, face detection will be hard to come by in microg in my opinion - Problem with Camera on Triodos Banking App

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