New device add on list please

Hi all, have a Samsung Galaxy A13 SM-135F (Android 13) and i want to install linux somebody can help me o maybe add on list of devices on future…Thanks all for hard work.
O maybe Redmi note 10 (Sunny) - i have installed LineageOS 21 Unofficial.

Hi @silviuxgaming, welcome to this forum.

The subject is Alternative Android Distribution here…
In particular the /e/OS project, based on the LineageOS project, itself based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP)

your Redmi note 10 (sunny) device is evocated here :
My unsupported devices todo list and non-successful devices overview list


If you are interrested in real Linux distribution on smartphone, i can warmly recommand “PostmarketOS”

This may be out of topic…
/e/OS is a custom ROM based on LineageOS…based on AOSP…that uses a quite modified Linux Kernel version. So, without Google frameworks nor other bloatware, we can “somehow” consider /e/OS as a Linux OS…
My primary device is a Fairphone 4 running /e/OS.

Personally I do use Ubuntu Touch by UBports (GNU/Linux) on a second device (Redmi Note 9S) and it works pretty well. It can run most of Android .apk through WayDroid. (kinda Android vm)
I’m also member of the UBports community.

You will find plenty of topics related to those GNU/Linux OS on the web, as we are getting of topic there…

Redmi note 10 (Sunny) is a nightmare to build. I tried it several time but did not succeed. Will maybe give it a try when /e/OS is available for LOS21/Android 14

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