New /e/ os user with Teracube 2. First impressions

Hi everybody, New user here. I have had my eye on e for a while and finally decided to take the plunge.

Just a little background, I am a long term googled android user but was interested in e os because I really do not feel that the big tech companies have the end user’s interests in mind. Their values (or lack of) no longer align with mine, so I have been on a mission to ditch them. I am not a heavy phone user so my app needs are fairly limited. I am also not really a tech geek. I can troubleshoot stuff ok on my own, but really just wanted something plug and play.

First impressions of e are great! Setup was just as easy as any android phone I have used. The phone runs smoothly and I really appreciate the lack of bloatware. I am able to get most of the apps I want, no problem. The lack of banking apps does not bother me because I can just use the web app through the web browser. Bottom line though, I now have a phone that I am not forced to have facebook and chrome on. That counts for a lot.

I have had a few small issues. The camera does not record video. That is a known issue with it’s own thread. I cannot play videos on and the photos are not syncing automatically. None of these are deal breakers for me as I am sure they will get resolved in due time.

There is one thing to keep in mind. What these people at e foundation are doing is really great imo. The world needs other options aside from these huge companies. I know they are working hard to make this happen. While the issues are not good, I know that this kind of stuff comes with the territory of trying to create something like this as well as being an early adopter. They don’t have the full weight and resources of a google to tackle things as quickly. But you know with google you don’t have a community like this to discuss with either. Bottom line, I love the phone and look forward to the coming improvements. Let’s go V1!


Glad youve had a positive experience. Ive been two years with them and love it!


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