New apps?

Is it planned to add more applications to

I have some suggestions :grin::
Keeweb or Passman or another password manager

One last request, in the application rainloop the possibility to set up filters and use OpenPGP keys :blush:

Thanks for the suggestions @Mroshi. For now there are no additions planned. We will evaluate in case there are a number of users asking for particular applications.

The e.user could sync its bookmarks, feeds, passwords and conversations through its cloud space.
You could propose a type of e.account with 10GB or 15GB of space available with its apps for 1 โ‚ฌ or 2 โ‚ฌ per month.
I would be interested !


Bookmarks, so we could sync with floccus, would be a nice addition.

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I agree with KeeWeb or Passman instead of the Passwords app we currently have โ€“ both of those have more features than Passwords, not least the ability to import from other apps and to generate one-time passwords. Other password managers that are hosted online require you to pay to get those.

Iโ€™m talking specifically about the web apps found on, btw. Obviously on your phone you can install whatever you want, but Iโ€™d ideally like a password manager that can sync with the cloud, has E2EE and allows you to use TOTPs.

Honestly I think we should have freedom of choice when it comes to apps. Pre-installed is considered bloatware for most users since everyone has its own preferred apps. I already freeze many pre-delivered apps in /e/OS. I guess itโ€™s better to have a clean system. That keeps it fast and small in size.

If you want a passwordmanager, just install your preferred one. Same for other apps.

It is rare for a ROM not to have a full general set of apps.
In the old days there were various custom ROMs that would come with almost nothing which I thought was great (*).
I doubt youโ€™ll ever see that today so you will always have to deal with disabling or removing unwanted apps.

(*) In particular was one called Dark ROM that didnโ€™t even have a launcher.
Once ROM was flashed you would then flash Dark GApps or a LineageOS default apps zip. The latter was easily customizable by removing unwanted items from the zip before flashing.
For me I would use NanoDroid (configured to taste) or use one of the NoGApps packages (short-lived project mimicking OpenGApps but with FOSS equivalents).
Fun stuff.