New Fairphone. Should i configure Android before /e?OS

My new Fairphone 3 has just been delivered. I bought it from Fairphone so its built with Android at the moment.

Should i test that it works correctly by setting up and configuring with Android first? Or go straight to installing /e/OS ?

I am fairly techy in a Windows world and have basic linux skills but have never rooted a mobile device.

With my Windows 10 PC i am poised to follow the instructions at

A little nervous at the warning that my new Fairphone could become an unrecoverable brick. So i’d welcome your advice and encouragement!

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No need for setup the device, because flashing eOS will overwrite eveything. You can do for testing the device, but for eOS, it isn’t needed

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Thanks Harvey. OK. I will launch straight in then.

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The current available version of the easy installer does not yet have support for the FP3 if I remember correctly. You can still try and it won’t break anything but it might eventually tell you that your device is not supported.

So you might end up needing to follow this:
There is one issue with that page that hopefully gets corrected soon: the “Installing a custom recovery” section is not necessary.

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Hi, @heafod

No need to root,
No risk to brick if you follow the steps

that’s helpful. Thanks Ingo_FP_Angel