New feature to sort result on "Smartphone Selector" page and add RAM


I’m actually searching a new compatible phone to install /e/OS again
the “Smartphone Selector” is a great tools, but there a 2 great feature missing :

  • possibility to sort each colomn by ascendant or descendant : for example I’m looking for a 5" device, but I don’t want the result sort by brand, it’s more relevant for me to sort by the “Release Date”, from the oldest to the youngest. I don’t have the possibility
  • an important criteria in my choice is to have 3 GB of RAM. I need to go in each smartphone details to have this information. It would be so easy to have this information in a dedicated colomn. I know the data is already in the smartphone details so I don’t know how it would be easy to add this ?

Thanks for your feedback on theses ideas !

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I wanted to know how the selector filter Smartphone Selector is built… its at

and helper js in htdocs/assets/js/code.js

For your use case, you’d need to create select options for the ram values, create a td for {{ device.ram }}, split on space and strip GB and add ram with addFilterTruncate() to code.js.

My own old wish would be (the ifixit or any) repairability index value and from another thread today: supported LTE bands

At some point a general purpose filter (for json?) could be helpful.

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