New FP3 freezes/hangs up every day

Hey, I am new here and i ask for your help.

I recently bought a fairphone 3+ and installed /e/os using the linux-easy-installer.

My phone freezes at least once a day: screen freezes with no reaction and turns black afterwards.
Even when it is connected to the charging cable, the phone stops working and the LED, indicating the charging process, gets dark.

It can only be re-acitvated by long pushing the on/off-button.

Sometimes it freezes while i am using it, sometimes when the phone is in stand-by without my knowledge (this is the really annoying part, because i missed phone calls and once my morning alarm).

i have already re-seted my phone to factory settings, without any improvement.

  • can you hepl me? -is this a known bug?

what should i do next?

  • should i try it with the android version?
  • do you think this is a Hardware issue? - should i call FP support?

i am using

  • 2 sim cards
  • no sd card
    and i have the following apps installed:
  • lawnchair2
  • aCalender
  • AnSo
  • AuroraStore
  • Backgammon, Chess (A1 Factory)
  • Firefox
  • Joplin
  • Notizbuch (zoho)
  • pedihelp
  • qrscanner
  • RadioFM4
  • sIdentiy (bank app)
  • shelter
  • which contains only whatsapp
  • signal
  • spotify

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Pl send a mail to …if this is a hardware issue we can arrange for a replacement or refund as per your requirement.

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Thank you, i wrote an email to this adress.

i found the solution to my problem!

i think e-os doesn’t work on FP3 with two sim cards!
i found some forum posts on this topic:

so put the second sim card out of the phone and… viola, it never freezed again and works fine!