New Here - Hoping "DeGoogling" is a success! :)

Been worried about Google for years - ever since I received a “help” notification on my phone when I showed up early to pick a friend up at the airport. Instead of sitting, decided to use the few extra minutes to get some steps in. After a lap and a half along the “Arrivals” sidewalk, phone dings.

It appears that you are lost. Would you like a map of the Blah Blah Airport?

:dizzy_face: :flushed: :exploding_head:

Seen the world change a lot in my 51 years. The last few have been the scariest.

I’ll help where I can :+1:t3:

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Welcome in the community and in the bright side of the force :wink:


That’s the usual way Google Android works as it was designed from ground up to collect even the last piece of personal data from your phone and provide a 24/7 surveillance device for Mothership Google.

The best thing is when you talk with someone about everyday issues like: “My running shoes look terrible, I really have to get new ones!” And then suddenly running shoe ads will start to pop up on the phone!

Or someone goes to a restaurant and after a lunch Google makes a message to pop up: ‘How was your experience? Rate your stay at Restaurant XY!’

Why would anyone want to own such a surveillance device? Millions still do. Anyhow, welcome to the forum.


Thank you @kalman and @Anonyme for the welcome.

K - Could’t the practice you describe be called “Monetizing our conversations”? That’s what I’ve called it ever since discovering the practice.

At a friends place. Talking about our plans 5 years ahead. Mentioned I wanna live in a place covered in solar panels (something I hadn’t talked about in over a year at that point). The next day, my Chrome browser has ads from companies selling solar panels. This friend had a Google Home “Smart” Speaker in her den.

At a different friends house. Sharing with them why I have to have $63,000 infusions every five months. “Because my neurologist says my multiple sclerosis will have me in a wheelchair within 10 years if I don’t”. Next day, my Chrome browser had ads from companies selling wheelchair vans.

I’ve come to terms with my MS but having Google remind me that I have a debilitating disease by placing ads in my browser and making money in the process? My apologies to anyone reading my next comments but F*CK 'EM VERY MUCH. :cry: :cry: :cry:

My body has become an enemy. It takes so much longer for me to figure things out now. The year I got it, I was working as a Full LAMP Stack Dev. I miss it. I miss keeping up with the web. I miss keeping up with what’s going on. I miss the community.

Hoping I can find answers I need here. Hoping I don’t frustrate the community with my muddled mind (things take longer to “sink in” now). Most of all, hoping I can learn enough about /e/ to help.

Thanks Y’all!! :+1: :v: :metal: :fist:


Hard experience. Hope you’ll feel welcomed on this community, thanks for participating :black_heart:


Just popping in to say “WELCOME”.

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Well darn! Looks like I’m not going to be able to play in this sandbox :frowning:

My Android device is a Pixel XL 2 “Taimen”.

Disappointed I can’t participate in a helpful, friendly community too!

Thank you, One and All :smiley:
See ya’ 'round the web :wink:


Your device is supported by Treble project,

so you certainly can install e.gsi…

Édith adds a link:


Thank you, @trefix !!! :smiley: :+1:t3: :v:t3:

But this device is drop from e.official support (prob’ with firmware, if I understood) so I can just hope GSI will work. Good luck !

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