New install Fairphone 4. App Store complains at first use

I am getting an error in the App Store:

“The anonymous account you’re currently using is unavailable. Please refresh the session to get another one.”

However, when I press “refresh session”, the message closes and reopens immediately. Sooo, what do I do to get the App Store working?

I am unable to login in App Lounge via an Anonymous account

Solution: Clear App Lounge’s data by navigating to Settings > Apps > App Lounge > Storage & cache > Clear storage, then wait for a while before you use the Anonymous account login again.

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Just ran into same issue, when wanting to install a new app. Have used my Fairphone 5 with e/os and App Lounge since its launch without issues. Clearing storage (plus restarting phone, etc) does not help. Perhaps a server down?

I have noticed that since today I am also experiencing the same problem on my main device (FP3). On a second device i have no problems with the app lounge.

Now works fine again, without having changed anything here. Apparently a temporary problem somewhere in the cloud

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