New install v1.10 on Moto G6 plus cannot connect to app lounge or resolve websites

Hi there, I installed /e/ os in in place of lineage os in the hope of using the app lounge to reinstall my triodos nl bank app, as I’ve never had (nor wanted) a google account and aurora no longer works, giving ‘this account is rate limited’…

Anyway, the install seemed to go fine, both my sims are recognised and signal strength seems good, my wifi credentials were accepted and signal strength also seems good, but App Lounge ‘cannot connect … check internet connection’ and the browser also cannot connect. It started by saying ‘could not connect to server’, as if dns was not setup, so I messed around switching mobile data and wifi on and off and turning secure and private dns off and on and trying to input cloudflare’s dns but still I get no response from the browser apart from ‘check your internet connection’ and ‘this site can’t be reached.’ and ‘your connection was interrupted. A network change was detected’

I also just tried to use the maps app and got the message that mobile data is switched off and to turn on wifi. However, both mobile data and wifi are on.

It feels like something’s not configured right, but I’m a bit baffled. Have used /e/ on other phones without issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions please?

Edit: I managed to sideload aurora.apk from gitlab, which let me install firefox, which let me fetch further .apks direct from developers, so I am more or less up and running again. The built in browser and app lounge still can’t connect, so that is a mystery to me. Hopefully now I have a v 1.1x version, the updater will bring me fixed versions.

I guess you can mark this as fixed by workaround '-)

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