New installations not logging in to WhatsApp

It looks like new installations are not logging in to WhatsApp; Europe, USA and Brazil affected.

When will I have the gutts to drop this s**t and tell everybody “No, I don’t use WhatsApp!!” ?

whom cares this logging failure ?? We aren’t using whatsapp :smiley:

@harvey186 you certainly aren’t but some, maybe many, still do :wink:
unfortunately, I’m one of those; shame on me :joy:

than, I hope you use it this way [HOWTO] Using WhatsApp under shelter

I read your article last week; very interesting, congrats.

However I still have a doubt: since I already had the app installed on other device with the same number then FB already have my address book does it not?

Same goes with Twitter, despite the fact that I never post anything.

yes, But if you will add or edit something today, it will reported to FB also :frowning:

If I empty my address book would that update my info on FB?
Then I would install WA under Shelter and populate a clean address book inside and a complete one outside?

No, your data will never leave FB data. They will it store til rnd of days :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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That’s what I’ve taught.
So whats the point in using Shelter from now on? The damage is done :unamused:
Forgive me if I understood it wrong but it seems this solution is viable for one who have never used WA before. Am I wrong?

Yes, that’s right. But whatsapp app has a lot of trackers. That means, it colleting all your personal data from your phone (not only whatsapp data) , day by day and report FB. So using whatsapp in.shelter is in any case a good choice.


I see. I`ll give it a try then.
Thanks for the attention.

Allways welcome :smiley::smiley:

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