New look /e/ website

Check out the new look of the /e/ website
The site is work in progress and more details and updates will be added…
Feedback, suggestions are welcome…


I have a suggestion… On the page, where it shouw the phones sending data to goo9le and apple, make the study source a hyperlink so it can be more easily accessed!
Very good job /e/ web builders!!! :+1:

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Regarding paid apps…
Paid/Pro apps that do not do license checking or use In-App Purchasing can be used in Google-free environments. Examples of paid apps I use are Root Explorer, MiXplorer Silver, SMS Backup & Restore Pro, Quick Edit Pro, ADM Pro. They work even in a couple of microG-free setups, too.
I keep the apks locally but they can be installed and updated via Yalp Store or Aurora Store, when using Google account within those stores.

Apps that do license checking (icon packs, Substratum themes, and of course various apps) will not work without the Play Store which handles the requests.

Outside of the paid apps thing, I have come across a few free items (icon packs, at least one Substratum theme) that would not run or work because they detected that they weren’t installed via the Play Store. The theme dev told me that was a piracy prevention measure.
Then there’s the issue of apps that rely heavily on Google Play Services and its APIs that don’t work or work too well with microG (offers a subset of G’s features). Recent thread examples here concerning the Radio France apps that don’t work with microG 0.2.6 (used in /e/). Those apps do work with microG 0.2.7.

One can only check and test things. Find out if an app they can’t live without works in a Google free environment or not.

Great new design. Congrats.
It seems even the smartphone on the front page finally got a selfy cam :slight_smile:
Will provide a more constructive feedback at a later moment…

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wow i’m really impressed: big improvement!
I really like /e/'s visual design
feedback for improvement:

  • the ‘privacy by design’ icon is called something different on the About Us page, i’d make it the same: “privacy by design” sounds good
  • i’m not so sure about the wide strip on the main page with “did you know that…”, little facts, you want to kick in the door more i think with facts - perhaps replace it with the picture about Apple and Google on the About us page?
  • i’d make it even more clear on the Main Page that “ALL your favourite apps” will be available in the store: and “if one is not there by chance, request it, and we’ll make sure it is included!”
  • perhaps mention somewhere that it is free for users?
    great job!

Nice work! Tho Vectorise your logos! That e should be crisp.

I don’t know about the featured on news site carousel, I think that has been tainted by its use on scam sites and general overuse. Having a selection of linked articles would be better or a RSS feed, even tweets which can be verified easily.

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Hi Rik, I’ve updated with the ‘privacy by design’ suggestion. Thanks!

Thanks for that, donut3.

i discovered what i don’t like so much about the broad banner on the front page (“Did you know that … Escape from mobile surveillance!” It sounds very negative; and a bit conspiracy-theory-y. I think it’s better to go the positive route, emphasize privacy, and then after that explain why that’s important at the moment, with some hard data, and not tag lines like “escape from mobile surveillance”. Regular users, the ones /e/ aims to be for, are much more likely to be convinced by positive marketing than by negative, imo. it’s OK to explain it, but i would not run a negative tag so prominently on top.

another point for improvement: on the 1st page it reads: "because /e/ runs a totally un-Googled Android you can still run your favorite apps…"etc - this is a bit unclear. The fact that it is unGoogled would make a regular user wonder if the apps are still usable, so to start that sentence with “Since” is confusing. I think this is what you mean: “Since /e/ runs Android, you can still run ALL your favourite apps! All we have done is un-Googled Android - meaning that you can now enjoy those apps now in a privacy-safe way.”


True! I totally agree with @Rik. One thing I noticed, is that the average person might not know what un-Googled means…Or how dangerous it is!

found another one: i think the whole top bit is fantastic:

Your data is YOUR data!

We build desirable, open source,
privacy-enabled smartphone operating systems.
We are /e/

except for 1 thing: the word “desirable” is a bit strange, sounds a bit like a word my grandma would use. imo better to change it, e.g. to: “We build user-friendly, great-to-look-at, open source, privacy enabled smartphone operating systems.”

Greetings @Rik,
The one line from your post, “you can still run ALL your favorite apps” is already known to not be the case. Folks have discovered apps not working or working well with microG. Given that someone’s “favorite” app (relying heavily on Google services or a paid/licensed item) might not run it would sound like a broken promise. ALL would be replaced with MOST. Sounds positive but with no guarantees.

Otherwise, good stuff there.

@rik instead of

How about ’ Visually pleasing’?

I have one more comment on the new webdesign: It’s great, it feels light and easily readable.

What I am missing for now is just one thing: a central ONE-CLICK-to-get-/e/ -page.

My proposal:

  1. Create a new page with an easily recognisable URL (like:
  2. This new page should feature what can currently be found under (see image below).
  3. Replace the big green dot in the bottom right of the main page by one that is referring to /get-e.

Like this, there is a simple and single link for all those who want to get /e/.

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