New Murena Mini (or S or Compact) :-)

iPhone Mini, Asus Zenphones, Sony Xperia XZ Compact (my favorite)
This small flagship phones are dying…

The used one are still fairly expensive on the second hand market ( the 2018 Sony XZ2 Compact sells around 180-200€ in France)

The Pixel 5 won’t be eternal.

Here and there, polls show that some people would like a smaller Android phone.

there’s even a dedicated website !

What if Murena could come up with a (borderless) sub 6" phone (or even 5,5"…)
Even with mid-range caracteristics.

What do you think ?
How could we get the community’s feedback ?
with a poll ? where, for a wider audience ?

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i vote for less than 5"


Even if I don’t want to renew my phone (I have a FP3+ for a reason), I’d love that on the market.
I’m still nostalgic of the Moto X form factor, which was perfect to me (rugged, curved back that fit perfectly in hand, and perfect size - at least for my hand). I miss that phone, I loved it.

My first smartphone was a HTC Wildfire, which seems ridiculously small today, but was so light in a pocket! At the time we were joking about having to buy new pants with larger pockets to fit new smartphones. Now it barely fits and the back pocket is often more comfortable.

Thanks for that post.

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I remember this HTC, my ex- had one. I really liked its little size !

I was on iPhone 4 and iPod Nano and I was wondering if Apple would make an iPhone Nano of the same size than a Wildfire :smiley:

I just search the XDA Developpers forum, it seems that some people are still tinkering with it !
an Unofficial CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4) seems to be the last ROM available.