"new" phone won't hold a charge

Just received my phone: no battery tab to remove (used?) also, worked for ~6hrs, now it seems the battery won’t hold a charge - won’t turn on, when plugged in shows the teracube screen. been charging for over an hour and nothing…

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If the phone was purchased from the eStore pl send a mail to helpdesk@e.email and you can get a refund or if you wish have it replaced.

I’ve called twice and emailed with no response. Any other suggestions?

Saw your post on the channel. Were you able to send the mail to the helddesk@e.email ID?

Yes I emailed the help email, the support email and I called with no response

I would need the mail ID you used to send the mail. Will message you separately for this.

You just shared this detail with me on a separate thread. So I have this mail ID. Ideally, we should not share personal mail IDs on public posts.

Can you delete it - this came to my email - I wasn’t aware it was on a public forum.

I have deleted the mail ID. Pl check and let me know if it is still showing up.

@7empest I’ve been having a similar issue. The instructions say to “charge for a full cycle” before turning the phone on, but there is no charging progress meter on my phone while it’s off and plugged into the charger. I see only the same “teracube powered by e” screen.

When I unplug the charger and plug it back in, I briefly see a power meter near empty every time. So it seems like there is no progress being made. I’m using the usb-c to usb-a cable that came in the box along with a power block I have from another phone.

I haven’t tried to turn on the phone yet, since I want to make sure it is fully charged before I turn it on for the first time, per the instructions.

Was your problem ever resolved? Do you have suggestions? I haven’t yet heard back from the email support team.

Thank You.

Yes, hold the power button for 10 seconds and it will reboot, then load the updated software.

Thank you! Turned out the phone was fully charged. I just wish there had been a way to know beforehand.