New studie about covid 19 tracking app

German Article found here


I’ve read only the abstract.
Well: I’m quite proud that my country is flipping coins !!!

More seriously, I’ll be reading the paper, which is very interesting.

I must say, however, that in this epidemic situation, any contrast to the virus must be applied.

Myself is not a pure statistician, but an applied one and I wonder about the representativeness of the sample in the study.

It would be good to know how many people are discovered and protected by these apps.

Here we are focusing on apps, but I think that this is a 3 faced problem: science/medicine + communication + politics.

Not easily balanced

Edit: I went through all the paper (BTW; published where ? Refereed how?).

Correct me if I’m wrong, please.

The Italian rules detects and records all the people in the tram, irrespective of the distance, while the Swiss and German rules do the opposite and do not detect and record close people.

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