New text/SMS app: Silence or QKSMS?



Maybe we should have a look at Threema
The Threema Advantage
Some notes in french


signal should definitely removed from the set of preinstalled applications ASAP!

even if users don’t want to make use of any of it’s more advanced features, it’s still calling home and irritating by annoying update announcements etc. :frowning:

from my point of view that’s absolutely incompatible with the main goals and promises of /e/!


I really don’t think Signal should be ditched that way. On my side, I never received any annoying update announcement or any unsecured SMS warning. The only thing I received from them was the confirmation code by SMS. And like @Vaughan and some mentioned it, I think that we should encourage people to use secured channel to communicate instead of not try. Signal is a very easy to use, nothing to setup as soon as your contact use it too. And that users base could grow as /e/ adoption will grow.


Too bad signal is definitely my most used messenger. Now the hope dies that when /e/ goes through the ceiling, that the few non-signal users in my community will finally cut their whatsapp. Then I could again reach all people with just one messenger. That Singal was acted as default was the line on the /e/ homepage that first convinced me :slight_smile: Number registration with a SMS app okay. I read that they are almost completely rid of the metadata(*). Telegram would be absolutely unnecessary, at least for me (no encryption by default, so nobody encrypts!) . Silence I actually use only with my mother :smiley: But that can change here, so in any case (if Signal has to be dropped) Sig … uh Silence **!

(**) because its encryption and that is important. For a project like /e/ especially, data privacy and sovereignty goes side by side with encryption. So it would be very good if Mom and Dad and the children and all non-tech users have a device with encryption out of the box!

edit: I didn’t knew QKSMS before, looks like a normal SMS-app, nothing special except “millions of colors to theme”. If Silence can’t handle dual-Sim, I hope that will be fixed.


I just want to add that I cannot make mms messages work on my device under /e/ 0.5 with it’s default QKSMS. I finally gave up and went back to Signal, which works well.
A quick web search found others in the past that had trouble with mms in QKSMS. Otherwise, I found QKSMS to be simple and worked fine.


The first thing I saw when I wanted to give a try at Threema is that one has to pay the app or to buy a licence. Stop right there. Not that I don’t want to pay for the work done but when there is already good and free solution out there that I use, I will not change.
Another thing annoyed me, I read their ‘advantages’ report and they say that there is no unencrypted chat as fallback. Definitely not for the Mum & Dad if you need to have all your community under Threema to be able to chat with them


Signal tried to call Google, so there are good reasons to throw it out. I blocked Google immediately after installation of /e/ v-0.5 so phone number registration failed in Signal:
Because secure messaging is important and I’d like to convince my contacts to start secure messaging, I’m now trying out Silence.Screenshot%20at%202019-02-14%2010-23-33


Hi, the integration of google services and the availability only in the play store of Signal and its predecessor were discussed a lot. So both were skip! @pjmbraet what about this version ?

Sadly the also skipped encrypted sms, but this was the birth of Silence :wink:

As far as I know, when it comes to encryption signal is the state of the art.


i think, it really makes sense to reduce the mandatory system components resp. apps to a bare minimum and let the users install additional software of their own free will.

but concerning signal in particular, it could perhaps make sense to also consider [matrix] protocol based apps, which use in practice nearly the same cryptographic techniques as signal for end to end encryption, but support a much wider field of interesting bridging, decentralized hosting and open API capabilities then most similar competitors.