New to this forum software, too many popups


I am new to this forum software. It’s a kalideoscape of never ending notifications and popups. How do I make it stop?

Every page has pop ups all over it, the site wants notifications for the browser, making this post has 3 or 4 competing notifications popping up over top of each other… this is insanity, even for the cult of notifications!

that should be the forum softwares way of “onboarding” ? it usually fades out after a few dismiss-all. At least deny the browser-level notifications.

You can quiet them down to only pop up or send emails on meaningful interactions or just “never”.

Example settings:


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Hmm i dont get any popups, but iam using firefox with block popups, so that may be why :smiley:

I don’t think I have ever experienced any popups in the forum.
I almost exclusively acces it via WebApps Sandboxed Browser but on the occassion I use a browser I still have never seen any.
Maybe because by default they all block them(?).