New update identical to the previous one

Hi there,

Today the Updater (Android 10) informed me that a new update is available but it seems that it is exactly the same than the previous one, same date and size …

Is it a bug ? Shall I install it or not ? Anyone else had the same ?

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The last five digits are different, or am I wrong?
Maybe you can have a look at the changelog for differences?

That’s right I didn’t noticed it. Where can I check the changelog ?

It says : Not found The requested URL /dev/FP3/ was not found on this server.

I shared your observation to the one in charge, thank you.

For now we only have changelogs for 0.10, 0.11, 0.12, etc but not for changes between two 0.12 version.

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Hi… there were big problems with 0.12-2020111083843… so they added 0.12-2020111084008 It is correct that it has the same Size and Date… I had to wipe my FP3+ after updating to 0.12-2020111083843 so this time I did not install it and updated my phone to 0.12-2020111084008 and it worked fine - no problems… maybe that is the reason they deleted this Version… just update to 0.12-2020111084008 worked for me perfectly…

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Well I flashed the 843 version and as I said it runs smoothly except some bugs inherent to a beta version, but I can’t compare to a previous version. Now I don’t know if the OS can have a different behaviour with FP3 and FP3+.

Yes, there can be a big difference in the behavior… comparing FP3 to FP3+

Most FP3 Users didnt report any problems with 0.12-2020111083843…


Thank you for the report. I raised an issue on the subject:

In the meantime, changelog are visible here:


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Thank you for the report. No reason to ask a factory reset on 0.12-2020111083843 build. Do you remember which version was installed before this one? Thank you in advance!

I had to start fresh, because I needed the phone and could not wait for an update… the solution (0.12 2020111084008) took 2 days and i had to make phonecalls! I dont know the exact buildnumber, but before i used the version from 8.11.2020 - so it was 0.12 20201108 something …

Thanks rhunault but it doesn’t answer to my question : why did I received a new update that looks like the previous one ? Is it safe to install it ?
In the changelog page (I’m not used to it) I don’t see any indication that confirm me if this is about the OTA update from the 10th of November or the one received 3 days later …

The new build has a higher number than the previous one, nothing identical or like the previous one there so far.
Apparently it was a new build which got rolled out to users, so you received it.

Of course it would be better to have a changelog which would actually show the differences between each build and not only between the major version numbers, so it would be easier to decide whether to install an update with perhaps only irrelevant (for oneself) changes or not.
There’s always room for improvement.