New upgrade /e/OS 1.18, manually or by OTA?

On my Motorola G7 Power, I have a new upgrade suggested on the OTA for the rom from 1.17-t-20231114351094-dev-ocean ( Android 13) to /e/OS 1.18 ( 10 dec 2023). The package is 0,97 Go.
Can I upgrade from the OTA clicking on ‘Appliquer la mise à jour’ ?
Or do I have to do it with adb command line as explain on the documentation ?


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Yes, apply the update/Appliquer la mise à jour should be used when updating /e/ within the same Android version that is from 1.17 to 1.18

The adb sideload should be used when upgrading to a newer android version of /e/.
for example Android 13(T) to 14(U)

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Ok thanks, this I was thinking, but I wanted to be sure.

So, do I need the /e/OS recovery and the /e/OS build ? or just one theses images ?
Do I need the .zip an the .iso or just the .zip is sufficient ?
If I remember how I have intalled, just the /e/OS build in zip format was sufficient, I am right ?

In this case (for the update) you need neither the build zip or recovery image. You can simply head to the updater

and apply update.

The system takes care of the rest. At the end, it will require a reboot.

Are you sure ? In the parameters I see this

And inside

If I can simply clic on Appliquer la mise à jour it will be nice…

Sorry, I am just understanding !! You mean this upgrade 1.17 to 1.18 is a minor upgrade and not an newer Android upgrade, I am sorry not have understood yet…

Correct. You will still be on android 13 (T).

Even if it was an upgrade of Android version, if you see it in the Updater then it means you don’t have anything manual to do. The updater will even tell you this is an upgrade, and not a minor update.