New user - a tiny bit confused

Hi everybody, hi e/os-team.

I am a new user of the cloud service and now I just signed up for this support forum.

I was just wandering, why is it when I sign up for the support forum, the forum emails (email confirmation) is delivered straight to the spam folder?!? That’s a bit weird.

BTW, where is a spam filter adjustment in

Thanks and all the best!

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Hi, and welcome here :smiley_cat:

Getting the forum emails in Spam is weird, indeed!

You can try this:

It could also help admins if you post back the spam cause:

  • select one of the messages moved to spam
    – in 3-dot menu inside message display frame, select “Show Source”
    – copy all the X-Spam… or X-RSpamd… , obfuscate any private information, paste in an email to
  • alternatively, use “Forward as attachment” from 3-dot menu, to
  • thanks :slight_smile:

It seems that the e-foundation should put their own domain on the whitelist.

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