New user loooking for help Hue and Fairphone camera app

Does anyone use a Philips Hue Bridge app,
Haven’t found it in F-Droid nor in the eApp store.

Also am looking for a better camera APP for Fairphone 3+. Than opencamera. Faces appear pretty red here.
Any help welcome .

Try to find your “Philips Hue Bridge” app using the “Aurora Store” available in the “F-Droid” store

I achieved the best results with one of the GCam ports available here. They run without any problem on a FP3 or FP3+.

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Which port do you use?

This one works wonders with Fairphone 3

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I use Nikita’s (under 7.3+).

Thank you, unfortunately it doesn’t work for me (FP3+). This one works for me, but seems to use a lot of battery (use it since now, so no long time experience, but phone turns pretty warm using it):

Maybe have a look at this thread you may find some interested informations related to the FP3+. Apparently, the FP3+ camera is using the same sensor as the galaxy s10 lite, hence you should look for compatible GCam port, have a look here (last post).

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This is normally the result of maximum screen brightness for a long time. Have an eye on this. I had it with OpenCamera and the option to let the screen always on as long as the app is running.

Is there anyone here who is good with photography in general and with the apps in /e/ OS?

Is the app that comes with /e/ worse than GCam? Is there any good recommendations or reference here on how to get the best out of it in terms of photography, especially with the pre-packaged?

Have an FP3 but have installed the Fp3+ modules and I find that almost all photos have too much DPI (dots per inch). When I look at the photos on the computer, almost all the photos are extremely grainy => they almost look more like paintings than a photo.

What I saw using OpenCamera (the pre installed stock app) was the problematic noise reduction. It seems to be not on by default (or did they change it now? don’t know). I got surprising noisy, grainy pictures (especially under low and/or artificial light conditions) as shown here.

GCam (and its built-in noise reduction algorithm) makes the same picture under the same conditions on the same FP3 as shown here.

The question is if we can configure OpenCamera to use its noise reduction reliably by default which then also includes proper file handling in the expected folders and more. Call me stupid but I struggled with that more than once. In my opinion OpenCamera lacks at least some good default settings. – Look, the following is clear: taking a lot of pictures during a day (or longer) and having then afterwards (when it’s too late!) a bad quality is annoying and frustrating. If you take pictures you definitely don’t want to go through these damned options again and again. In the very most cases you don’t have the time for that. You can do that once when you have time and peace, then it must work. But OpenCamera remains somehow complicated …

I also tried FreeDCam which seems to be a bit better but leaves me also not sorrowless in every day use.

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Ah, thanks Irrlicht for the clarification, very helpful. Your example photos look very familiar, in terms of noise and grainy quality. Then I will probably stay with the Gcam, although the OpenCamera would of course be the more sympathetic solution. I hope that there will be some things possible in the future with the pre-packaged app.
But you can’t switch from GCam directly into the gallery app now, or is there a workaround?

I have also looked at some of the FP forum posts. Is it an advantage to have special configs for GCam? I have not figured out, what can you get out of those configs and has someone already tried such settings?

Yes, sure. Especially you don’t need to install a “foreign” APK.

Oh, in my gallery opens. But I don’t use the default one (because of a bug related to always empty just taken pictures), I use SimpleGallery which works correctly.

You also can’t change the damned folder where the pictures are created, and that’s more annoying because you always have to copy the pictures manually where they belong (especially on the SD card).