New user, many questions, a little bit lost!

Hi all,
I just received my S7 with /e/ installed. It seems to be a nice system but I need some help. I cannot find any user documentation, if any. I’m a little bit lost. For example : Mail is not working properly; I don’t know how to proceed for managing the system update; I cannot also install all apps I want like Firefox Klar or NoiseCapture from play store; can’t also configure keybord sounds (I don’t like at all)…
Thank you for any help on that.

Hi, you can allways search the forum for your issues or looking here or in the faq.

And pls, when writing about issues, we need more details.

is no good description. What is not working ? Which account ?

Regarding downloads. If an app not available in apps store or better in f-droid, download auroa and try it. in the moment you can’t login anonym, but if you have an g-account you can use aurora for all your apps you are needing from apps store. But keep in mind, most apps from play store does have trackers. Better searching in f-droid for alternative.

regarding keyboard sound, I don’t know, because I’m always put keyboard noise to silent.

Ok I see, thank you.
About Mail I’ve found sme problem searching on community forum. It was advised to re-instal the system (!!). The first click on the app lead to an eror message (Mail stopped running / Reopen the app) then a quick second click leads to another error message (Mail always stop/Close the app). I guess that my account is the one I used at the beginning or configuration of the system (… To figure out how I’m lost and far from the community, f-droid, auroa and g-account is like chinese for me. I’m an absolute beginner!

Hi @Christof69 are you able to access your mails by logging with your /e/ email ID the ID here
If yes you should be able to add an account on the phone Settings >> Accounts >>Add account >> /e/
That should open mail app and display any mail if available.

try login on If your email name includes uppercase letters, pls try with only lower case letters.

f-droid and aurora are app stores.
On F-droid you only will find FOSS apps
With auroa you can access to play store. Normally auroa is used for downloading apps anonymous, but in the moment there are issues. And you have to use a g-account
"g-account’ is a google account. If your are coming from a standard Android you will have a google account. This credentials you can use with auroa for downloading any app from play store. But you have to know, that most paid apps don’t work on e.

most paid apps don’t work on e

Why don’t they?

Because they are naking a licence proof every time you start and thetefore the original play services is needed