New version /dev/harpia/e-0.14-q-20210201 working, using /e/ recovery!

Just installed this latest Q version on a Moto G4 Play (harpia). Seems to work well.

Also nice to have an /e/ recovery (flashed that first) instead of twrp! It took the new image and replaced the previous nougat /e/ leaving apps set up the same.

Looking forward to the Moto E2 (surnia) versions!

Thanks for your hard work…

Suggestions for the /e/ Recovery: 1) the menu is a bit too fast (actions should be confirmed before going ahead, 2) It would be good to have an option to wipe user data to start from scratch if desired.


Pl raise easy installer related suggestions here or in gitlab. Here it may get lost as the topic was created for a different subject.

Sorry, it was a typo, Installer -> Recovery, I just edited it

Thanks for editing the post and correcting it. These are good suggestions to improve the /e/Recovery. Pl can you add them on the Gitlab.